Emily DeCola


New York Times

"puppet monkeys, elegantly made by Emily DeCola" -- Ginia Bellafante

"beautifully crafted monkey puppets designed and directed by Emily DeCola." - Martin Denton

"Emily DeCola's puppets provide a fundamentally theatrical way for the human characters to interact with the animals" -- Sam Thielman

Time Out New York

"excellent puppets" - Andy Propst


"DeCola's design is full-bodied, wrapping the monkey around the actor's arm like a second skin, and the performers live truthfully within those circumstances, swinging from actor to actor as much as the monkeys themselves." -- Aaron Riccio

"Designed by Emily DeCola to be wrapped around the actors's arms and virtually becoming part of them, the scenes when the actors switch from their human roles and manipulate DeCola's incredibly individualized monkeys are terrific. The staging reflects the synergy between director Carlos Armesto and DeCola." -- Elyse Sommer

"The puppets and the puppetry direction have been thrillingly created by Emily DeCola. Precise to the point of choreography, the monkey stagecraft lifts the play." -- Barbara & Scott Siegel